6 Tips To Increase The Rental Value of Your Apartment

  • Posted By admin

  • 05/14/19

It’s true! Prospect tenants won’t necessarily be very keen to pay high rent for apartments. This is more prevalent in metropolitan cities like Kolkata where, largely, students and working professionals look for accommodation; they usually can’t spare much in rents.

However, that said, if you’re a landlord, it doesn’t mean you have to list your property at the cheapest price possible.

The flip side of the coin is just as true. If you provide enough reasons to prospects, the right segment would be happier to pay you the high asked amount.

Here are 6 tips to increase the rental value of your residential property:

1.Keep it furnished

Furnished apartments are, unsurprisingly, valued high. People are ready to pay more for them. So, whether it’s 2 BHK apartment for rent or 1 BHK flat for rent in Kolkata, furnish it properly. Have enough furniture. Install the refrigerator and washing machine. Make sure the kitchen has all the utensils.

2.List on the right website

You will never find the right tenant if you have listed your property in some unknown, less-reputed website. Do your research and find a good listing platform.

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3.Upgrade the bathroom

It’s not discussed more but the bathroom is one of the most considered factors when tenants finalize on a property. So, invest some time and resources in this department. Upgrade your bathroom. Foremost, make sure it’s clean (the floor in particular). There shouldn’t be any leakage. The door must have a proper lock. Also, if you can install geyser, Mazel Tov.

4.Paint it fresh

When was the last time you got the walls and roof painted? If it has been long and you spot evident wear-tear, repaint. This will give a new-like feel to the place, which will add more value to it.

5.Stage it thoughtfully

Don’t just throw one piece of furniture here and the other one there. Staging the apartment thoughtfully is extremely important for, one, space optimization and, two, to make the space look attractive. So, take your time here. Position the furniture in the living space and bedroom efficiently. Make the apartment spacious enough but with sufficient essentials.

6.Promise landlord responsibilities

As a landlord, there are many responsibilities you have to take care of. Right FROM ensuring everything in the house is working perfectly (AC, fan) TO making sure proper supply of water and electricity to the tenants — there’s a lot you have to manage. Promising the prospects that you’re going to do all to ensure no living problems to the tenants will help you close the deal easily.

These are six tips to increase the rental value of your residential property, regardless of the type, whether 2 BHK apartment for rent or 1 BHK flat for rent in Kolkata.