Mohit Agarwal

I want to hear and see a lot about you in the near future.


Mr. Agarwal leased out a warehouse/factory in Ranihati, Amta Road


Q. What was your first impression when you met your tenant for the Warehouse?

Ans: It was nice , he was clear enough to explain his requirement and future business plans at the place


Q. How is your rental space ideal for a warehouse?

Ans: Its conveniently located at the industrial hub . almost every factory/warehouse are situated in that locality


Q. What is your opinion on the Industrial growth of India?

Ans: Its growing at a slow pace , in coming few years we can surely see a rise in industrial growth.


Q. Can you share with us an important milestone in your industrial career?

Ans: Not much as of now, this is my first project and hopefully few more shall come in coming years , then I shall be able to answer this question well.


Q. Any words/phrase for RentalsOnly?

Ans: Want to hear/see a lot about you in near future.